Lake Andrusia is popular for its year-round seasonal and recreational-type living for the entire family and for anglers.

Located approximately 10 miles east of Bemidji, MN and 5 miles northwest of Cass Lake, MN. The lake spans approximately 1,647 acres on more than 9.25 miles of forested shoreline accented with rolling hills. At its deepest point it is 60 feet, and at its widest point, 2.6 miles. Lake Andrusia features three inlets, Big Lake Creek, an unnamed creek from Stocking Lake, and the Mississippi River. The lake’s solo outlet is the Mississippi River.

A variety of fish can be found in Lake Andrusia, including Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch, Northern Cisco, Rock Bass, Pumkinseed Sunfish, White Sucker, Bullhead, and Muskies. Most all species of the fish are sustained through natural reproduction. Each spring the Mississippi provides substantial spawning facilities for the walleye.